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Short Sale Services

Get FREE Help from Bank Approved & Certified Loss Mitigation and Short Sale Experts.

Why a Short Sale Now?

  1. Banks are resuming Foreclosures. Avoid Foreclosure and the effects it could have on you and your family.
  2. After the “robo-signing” settlement, mortgage companies are more willing to negotiate and approve short sales.
  3. The housing market is officially headed to a “double-dip” drop according to industry analysts.
  4. Florida is ranked 3rd among the States with the highest share of negative equity mortgages, estimated at close to 50% of 4.5 million mortgages.
  5. Help is available from the only team approved and certified by the banks in loss mitigation at absolutely No Upfront Cost to you.
  6. Get up to $20,000 for cooperating and completing a short sale*

However, time is not on your side, as banks are looking to liquidate the huge shadow inventory they accumulated during the foreclosure moratorium/freeze, in the next 24 months.

Click here to find out How Much Your Home Is Worth and if you qualify for a Short Sale, or for a Free and Confidential Consultation with a Loss Mitigation Specialist, click here, or Call 407-383-5000.



*Participating lenders/servicers only. Amount varies from lender to lender.